Find your ancestor in Star Wars
Brought to you by Kat Hara

Find Your Ancestor in Star Wars Series

For many years scientists all over the world have researched about when and where "Star Wars" events took place. With an only clue, "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away", it may take another millenium to figure out the actual answer. But other studies have progressed, especially in biology and genetics of the matter.

In August of 2010, a young scientist Ken Miyagi in Kobe, Japan have discovered that most human on earth are related to those characters in Star Wars series and it is even possible to trace ourselves back to our ancestors. Miyagi did not disclose of this, because if he had done so, there would be millions of people asking him to find out their ancestors.

So I have helped young Miyagi with his findings and developed a web-based program so everyone can have their chance to find out which character in Star Wars is their ancestor. I believe many of you will be happy to know of your origin, but please be sure that it is your own responsibility to use this program and not sue us for anything like "hey I didn't want to know this!"

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