February 22, 2011

Find your ancestor in Star Wars Series

Find your ancestor in Star Wars series

O.K., it's been a really long time since I've last updated this blog... but here I go.

This one day, I just decided to learn perl and CGI for real. I had an idea for a new SNS service to run as a business, but I needed to learn how to program first. But then after a whlie I figured that I would never accomplish to put up such a web-site unless I quit my job, start a new corporation, and also hire some people to program for me.

So I just decided to learn how to program in perl anyway, and write much simpler game kinda script. I went out to a book store and bought a nice book for learning perl (in Japanese). This one is has the cute cartoon drawings and all, you know.

I already know the concept of program itself. I've learned basic in middle school and pascal in high school. When I hit C in college (not in class but on my own), I just gave up. Then I came to REALBasic and got back to it. That I created Ring On Time.

So it turns out that perl was not so hard to learn. But it was the concept of CGI and handling values between HTML that confused me. For somereason, when it comes to obtaining values from HTML, you suddenly have to use a given variables. I just didn't know that and took me a while to figure out. And it also did take a great amount of time for me to set up my iMac so I can run CGI script in local environment. This is important because if you had to upload your script everytime you make a little fix to see if the program works, it really could get on your nerves.

But I finally got it working, so here's the new section in my web-site, Find your ancestor in Star Wars series.

November 17, 2007

Messing with configure files

Last month, this blog was hacked and had top page chaged to some hackers' message.

I got that fixed in no time, but then when I tested for new entries, I kept on getting this problem where HTML files' permission setting goes back to 666, which caused error 500.

I searched for some clues, and thanks for google, there were people with same problems.

So I fixed some lines on mt-config.cgi and now it works. Great.

October 4, 2007

Hacked Experience

Just this morning I noticed that this blog has been hacked by hackers in turkey.

The top page was changed to page where it just has a message "this page has been hacked" and had some names of hackers. That was the only damage. All other pages were left as they were. I guess hackers are like that. They meant no harm.

So I deleted the top page, rebuild my blog, and chaged the permission setting on this blog folder... and now I get a "internal server error"... weird...

I redid the permission setting on the files with 666 to 755 and now it works. Good...

January 25, 2007

New pages of pictures in Vietnam

So after working on Safari in Kenya in the wallpaper section, I decided to do make some pages of Pictures in Vietnam. I photographed them in 1997.

I may take a while before Google index the new pages.

I wanna keep on working with the wallpaper section of this site, but I'm not sure if I'll have enough time from now on. Hopefully, I can go on to work with pictures of Malaysia or Banff, Canada soon.

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