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Ring On Time v1.41(e)


What is it?

Ring On Time is an application that will play music or sound files -- such as MP3 and MIDI -- of your selection on the time you have set. You can set up to four alarms, and you can also set it to play files on each quarter of every hour. You can also make Ring On Time to pick out a file to play from a folder. Options are available where you can have a message box to pop-up on time, or have you Macintosh read out the time for you.

System Requirements

PowerPC Macintosh
Mac OS X or Mac OS 9 (It may work with lower versions, but is yet to be tested)
QuickTime (any version)
Some features will be disabled without AppleScript

Quick Start

Just double click on Ring On Time icon.

Screen shot of the settings panel

No warranties or guarantees, either expressed or implied, are made with regard to this program, or its output or performance. The use of this program indicates that the end-user accepts the responsibilities for any damage ocurring as a result of this use.

Download Ring On Time v1.41(e) (900KB in .sit format)

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