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Safari in Kenya (1)


male lion

I've come across to so many female and younger lions in Kenya, but a male lion like this one, was much harder to find. I guess they just like to wonder around alone. And this shot here turned out to be the only decent photo of a male lion I got from the whole trip.


female lion

There were a whole bunch of female and young lions, like these ones. But just about all of them where just laying around doing nothing. This one here is yawning, not barking.


lion yawns

This picture here is pretty much the same as above, as you can see, they didn't have much to chase at the time. They also seem to brake during the day since it gets too hot for them.




Zebras are the one of the animals that you see most frequently in Kenya. They are just all over the places. After a while, you might even get tired of seeing them. Their patterns are somewhat different, depending on where they live. It seemed like ones in Sambul had thinner stripes than the ones in Masai Mara, I think...


more zebras

A big herd of zebras.

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