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Safari in Kenya (2)


cheetah hunt

One of the high lights of our trip to Kenya, was this moment of cheetahs hunting a gazelle. It was interesting to see that a mother of several child cheetahs caught a gazelle once and let it go, so her children can fetch chase them. A poor gazelle -- rather a small one -- eventually did get caught for good and was eaten, as you can see in the picture below.


cheetah eat

(This picture maybe somewhat graphic) After a group of young cheetahs caught a gazelle, they just ate it. A gazelle was ripped into pieces in the process, leaving nothing but some mess on the ground, which cheetahs ate them later anyway. It was rather early in the morning when we saw this. This was the only animal chase we saw on the whole trip. But even then, our driver told us that you don't come across to so many of them.



This is one of the few jackals we saw. We never saw a group or herd of them. I guess they like to be alone for some reason.




We saw many boars walking around. These are just some of them.


dik dik

Cut little dik diks. I don't know too much about them.

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