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Safari in Kenya (6)



We were supposed to go Lake Nakuru to see the lake filled with flamingos, but we found out that Lake Nakuru had already dried out for the season, so we went to a lake somewhere close to Nakuru, and finally saw flamingos. But this lake also was dried up partly, and we couldn't get close to the flamingos. So we only saw them from quite a distance. I guess you have to be at Lake Nakuru at the right season.


Crowned crane

We saw these cranes in a savannah. There were all kinds of birds in Kenya. It amused me a bit, but not so much because I don't know much about birds. We had a bird watcher from Sweden with us in the safari, and he was enjoying watching birds rather than animals. So there are a lot to see in Kenya for bird watchers as well.



Unknown Bird 1

Just one of the birds I could not identify.


Unknown Blue Bird 2

I took this picture by a pool at the lounge in Sambul.

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