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Vietnam (2) -- Kids


6 kids

These kids gathered around out of curiousity to see two travelers from Japan -- my friend and I -- wonder into a slum. These kids must have been the best models I met there.


girl in a field

I took this picture from a boat. The girl seemed to be working hard in the field.



Peace Girl

This girl chased me and my friend to make us buy some postcards that she had. I told her I would buy the postcards if she would let me take her picture. She was very happy that she actually sold the postcards. We had many (I mean, many) kids trying to sell us all kinds of things in Ho Chi Minh City.

Behind her is the statue of Ho Chi Minh himself, I think.


Kids Wrestle

We met these kids in a rural area off of Ho Chi Minh City. They at first hid from us, but then later came out in front of us and started wrestling with each other. I guess they wanted to get our attention.



Kids by river

These kids were just hanging out near a boat stop. We were on our way to Mekong Delta.


Girl on a boat house

This girl I suppose is working on something. I'm not sure if that boat is a house for her or not. Maybe it's just a boat.

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