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Vietnam (3) -- People


two men on boat

Just two men that came by our boat, near Mekong Delta.



Second from the left, was the guy that drove me to Mekong Delta on his motorcycle. Without letting us know, he took us to his own house before heading to Mekong Delta, and we had lunch there. Later, on our way to Mekong, the motorcycle's wheel broke and we got in a minor accident. I was bleeding all over... We did accomplish our trip to Mekong, but these guys charged us more than what they said they would in the beginning (which happened so many times during our trip in Vietnam).




A family we met in a suburban aera of Ho Chi Minh.



These girls were working at the restaurant where we had dinner. I don't know if they work on a comission or not, but the girl on the left pulled my T-shirt to get me in the store. She even caught me the next night and we ended up having dinner at same place for two nights in a row. There was another girl working there, but she refused to be in the picture because these girls had a belief where if they have three people in a picture, a person in the middle dies.



Having fun

There was a place where we could have a short trip on a boat in Ho Chi Minh City. And I took this picture there. Many Vietnamese people seemed curious to see us, I'm not sure why. They must've seen enough tourists, I think.


waving at us

Just another group of people who are kind enough to wave at us.

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