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We visited the island of Bali in Indonesia in summer of 2004. Almost two years has past after the terrorist attack on resort of Kuta. One of the taxi driver claimed that the number of tourist has decreased to half of what it used to be. It was sad to hear that, but the vacation was still fun with many interesting things to see.


I went to Kenya in March of 1997 with two of my friends in college. We spent most of our time on Safari, seeing all kinds of animals. There were many animals that we didn't even know the names of. It really was a wild experience.


These are the pictures I took in Vietnam, mainly in Ho Chi Minh City and around Mekong Delta. I visited there in summer of 1997. The whole nation seemed very energetic, and I could feel the cities growing rapidly. I have more pictures of people in this section, compared to others.


Sceneries in Japan



Hiroshima is a city in Japan that became the victim of vicious atomic bomb in 1945. After the A-bomb was dropoped, nearly 140,000 people were either burned or radiated to death in four months. Picture here is the famous "AH-bomb Dome" with its top blown off, looking through a memorial arch. -- photographed May 1999



Ibusuki, is at near southern edge of Kagoshima. Kagoshima, is really at the southern edge of Kyushu, the southern island of Japan. One of the mountain had a great balanced form with sunlight on its back. And there just happened to be two lovers to make the picture. -- photographed May 1999


Statue of Liberty at Night

I have no idea why the Statue of Liberty is in Tokyo. But night view in Odaiba ain't bad at all. Behind the statue is the Rainbow Bridge. -- photographed May 2002



Another one from Kagoshima. This Sakura-jima is an active volcano and does sometimes spit ashes out in the air. I never got a chance to see ashes falling from the sky, but the mountain was still worth seeing. -- photographed May 1999





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